Morning Spotting at MHT (SkyWest livery, Swift Air)

Welcome to another MHT spotting topic!
As always, I woke up at 5am today, and decided to head over to the airport. I’ll cut to the chase and share you the pictures!

N331UP - UPS1058 | KSDF-KMHT

N362NW - DAL2179 | KMHT-KATL

N820AY - EDV3449 | KMHT-KLGA
N599NN - PSA5474 | KMHT-KCLT

N416WN - WN2227 | KMHT-KMCO

N768SK - SKW3225 | KMHT-KORD

N226WN - WN2577 | KBWI-KMHT


N438US - WQ6803 | KPWM-KMHT
N438US - WQ6803 | KMHT-KACY

N714CB - WN2342 | KMDW-KMHT

Well I hoped you like the pictures!

Comment which one you like the best


I love all of them!

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I cannot decide which ones my favourite


Awesome pictures as always! Although I hate getting up early. 😖

I love the UPS 767 picture and the Golden Southwest Plane.


Well, I wanted to catch the Delta A320 for a bit before it goes away. Delta usually sends us an MD88, and they only have one flight a day to Atlanta.


2nd picture made me think it lost its back wheels for a second…

Anyway, great pictures.

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I can assure you that Delta did not lose their Main Gear. That would be interesting if it would be able to support that much weight without the main gear. It would be hecka loud also since it would be scraping the gear struts on the taxiway, while also destroying it in the process. I don’t think it would go very far on takeoff though.

Last picture. Southwest classic is the best livery on a plane.

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…it was a joke. The background camouflages the gear giving the illusion that it’s floating.


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