MORNING RUSH! Early Departures in Venice LIPZ | NEW Plane Spotting Video

NEW Plane Spotting Video in Venice LIPZ | Expert Server

Hello guys! Venice LIPZ is one of my favourite destinations and especialy during the summer season, provides a lot of seasonal connections even to outside of Europe! Once again this spotting session took place on 02nd & 3rd of October on Expert Server and if you want to join a next one you can simply join my Discord server where i announce every new spotting schedule!

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Fantastic! I’d have never thought that I would also be recorded on my little cessna supervising the controllers. Nice video mate


Wow, your editing skills are amazing!! Another banger!

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Love for the video and the shout bro ❤👍🏾

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I made it two minutes too late, but still great video! I’m so excited for the New Zealand video, hopefully I’ll finally be in one!!!

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Thank you guys!

I loved the detail of the FedEx Cessna parked there! Couldn’t miss it

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Amazing shots, and great video editing 👏

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Thank you friend! :)

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Hey, I was wondering if you could try something a little different. What if you captured our departures, say at LAX, and then in an hour or so spawned into SFO and captured our arrivals. It’s a little more complicated, but perhaps it might work! Tell me what you think.

Thank you so much for this video! Your editing skills rocks!🔥

This is such a cool video! Nice editing. :)