Morning near miss

Taking off from HK this morning, i found my self on collision course with a plane. It kind of woke me up!

The plane’s attitude seems to indicate it was going up but in fact it was going down…


If you think about it, its not a near miss but rather a “near hit”. 🙂


True, I guess a hit would be a near miss…

Edit: actually I guess it refers to the fact that you missed by a small distance…

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Bingo. 😉 Now I’ve got you guys thinking… lol

@Tep_NEMO I’m sorry. Beautiful shots! Didn’t mean to go on a tangent. Just a little something different.

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I just want to watch Live PD, and eat Pringle’s, don’t make me think… 😂

You are right there! I’ll try to let it come closer next time, to see the other pilot’s face!

Thanks to the 19.1 high res pictures, I managed to zoom on the bad bad pilots i nearly crashed (but missed) into!
If anyone recognise them? Bring them to the closest civil aviation authority!

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Hmm…they look oddly familiar.

Beautiful pictures though!

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