Morning In A Brand New Country

Hey Everyone!

Recently, I did a flight from Luanda, Angola to Maputo in Mozambique, with the TAAG 777-200ER. Mozambique is a new place for me, as I’ve never had the chance to fly there, until now. The flight took me across the entirety of Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, before entering the right traffic pattern into Maputo after around 4 hours. Anyway, let’s get to the shot.

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Anyways, see you somewhere else!


Mans said shadows ⤴️

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I am very happy that you get to fly to Mozambique

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Awesome… just awesome! Keep these awesome pics coming!

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Shhhhh 🤫

Well no problem! I always love flying in Africa!

I’ll make sure to do so, thanks!

Nice one! Keep up with more photos :)