Morning flight! Air Berlin 737-700 EDDT > EDDM

Hello everyone, today I did a flight from EDDT to EDDM, this is also my first post using edited pictures!

I hope you like my photos!

Route: EDDT > EDDM

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700

Airline: Air Berlin

Server: Training

Flight time: 1:09 (Total flight time)

Parked at EDDT.


Another takeoff pic!


Approaching EDDM…


Another pic of me landing!

A pic with the tower included!

Parked at the gate.

I wonder what that is in the background 🤔

I hope you liked my pictures!

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If you parked at T2 this is a bug because I think no part of the terminal extends that much into the apron
Thanks for visiting my home airport btw :D

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He’s parked at T1, the odd thing in the pic is an LH 380 at T1

But what is this building then? Is the terminal extension already done?

No, that’s the bus boarding building next to stand 113 which used to be utilized mainly for the T1 US flights operating from the Remote Gates


Oh wow… I really need to go to the airport again… In IF I only use T2 but my lack of knowledge is shocking xD


Very nice for a first time editing! Just a tip: Try to adjust the time so you can take a shot with for example, the tower without having a backlit photo.

Keep it up!

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i love this


thanks, but what do you mean with backlit photos?

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Basically it is when you are facing the dark side of the plane
Usually when you can see the sun

Also check out Suhas’ guide!

thats what i tried to achieve

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