Morning at Iseltwald Lake

        Morning Flight at Interlaken (LSMI)

       - Route info ;
       - Route         : LSMI -LSMM-LSMI
       - Aircraft      : TBM-930 
       - Time          : 06:15 zulu
       -  Date          :  16.09.2020


Hey! This would best fit the #live:groupflights category :)

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sorry, the picture are kinda error :" idk why the image doesnt appear

should be this image

Yeah, but this should be in the #live:groupflights category. Check the post above for more information :)

Not sure about that actually, looks like a post intended for #screenshots-and-videos

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yes it is , my intention was put this image on but at first the image are not appear #screenshots-and-videos

Just already fixed it, it was suppose to be in #screenshots-and-videos

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Now that the photo is in the right category and in full glory I can say that it’s fabulous. Nothing better than mountains and sunset (and maybe a bit of fog) with the current lighting system

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Oh, I see. Sorry about that! Looks good now. Nice pictures, too!

Thank you, but i already flag this post 😬, is there a way to cancel it?

You can go into your “sent” messages and let them know.

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