Morning Arrivals @EGLL

found myself near Heathrow this morning so took the camera out for a spin

G-XWBN inbound from LAX:

Virgin’s 339 from Boston:

Someone got in the way of my shot so I ended up with this:

A KLM 738 from Amsterdam:

United’s Star Alliance livery:

Part 2:

A stunning Middle East Airlines 321Neo from Beirut:

And finally, a British Airways A380 to wrap it up:

Spotting equipment

Canon 77D
Canon 75-300mm

Thank you for looking


Thanks for sharing! Great photos! :)

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Clearly fake, sun doesn’t exist at Heathrow.

Cool photos


good job bro

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Great shots. What editing software do you use to get such good lighting??

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Thank you! And none actually, I just play around on the iPhone camera editing system to get what I want.
No fancy PC softwares lol


Wonderful photos!

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Thanks Aiden!

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2 of my favorite England Airliners with what I call their flagship aircraft!

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