Morning, Afternoon, Evening | LAX

Los Angeles is a very busy destination. Luckily, the places I went to a couple days ago gave me the opportunity to take a picture of Morning, Afternoon and the Evening. All taken on Thursday and Friday, May 11 and May 12.


In the morning we have a United A320-232 from somewhere, taken as I drive to do some errands. Here is another view.

A320-232, N456UA | Credits to @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek for registration

As I come back from my errands, we have the best picture (in my opinion) that I took.

N906WN, 737-7H4, OAK-LAX

I went to go pick up a family friend on Friday, a day later and took these two photos.

N47517, 737 MAX 9, SEA-LAX

Thanks for viewing my pictures! Feel free to vote on this poll which one is your favorite!

Which is your favorite image?
  • United A320-232, Picture 1
  • United A320-232, Picture 2
  • Southwest 737-7H4, N906WN
  • United 737 MAX 9, N47517, Picture 1
  • United 737 MAX 9, N47517, Picture 2

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Again, thanks for watching, and have a good day!



Finally someone that understands the pain of catching moving aircraft at night

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Not just that, in a moving car as well.

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Nice shots! I really like the Southwest one.

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๐Ÿง Unexpected tie from last night! Keeping this poll up for a week or 2 more.

N456UA ๐Ÿ˜‰thank me later

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What camera did u use?

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I just used an IPhone 13! Would be hard set up a canon camera in just mere seconds on a bumpy road

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