[Moritz Has Won] The Spotting Competition Of The Decade: Me V @Moritz

You heard right kids! Me and @Moritz are battling it to the death… with pictures. So here we go!


The competition will consist of the best 2 out of 3. Whoever wins two rounds wins the competition and the prize pool of exactly nothing.

The competition will be judged by you, yes you! Your fellow peers will judge the pictures between me and @Moritz. So lets do it! I will post a round every few days.

Each round will have a theme, just to be interesting. The first is Cargo, the second is Passenger, the third is Special Livery.

Round One

@Moritz Picture:

My Submission:

Here is the poll.

  • Moritz MD-11F
  • Mattheus 747-800F

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Voting will close on Saturday! Good luck to whoever wins. Next round will be posted a few days after that!

May the better spotter win.

and don’t be bias because I am a member or because @Moritz is the Airport Editing Manager (Sorry for the mess up)


@Moritz: 2
Me: 0

And with a unanimous victory and probably his position in IFC. It’s true you bias voters. @Moritz has won. (God, I never stood a chance.) And true to whatever bet I constructed off my head, I will be deleting my IFC and leaving the community of Aviation. I also now owe him 20 bucks. Damn. lol jk, although i probably will
still give him 20 bucks
See ya space robots. Mods can close I guess.


Moritz isn’t a moderator…?


Both are really good but that MD-11F staring into your soul…

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It’s almost as if it’s compelling you to vote for it.


I get no love. :(

Hello darkness my old friend. Why must this happen again? Yeah, this happened once before.

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Just out of curiosity, will these pictures be taken at the same airport or no?

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No. They will not.

Moritz and Mattheus live on different continents lmao

and who would want to go to PWM anyway

i mean what


Not to mention I am a broke teenager.

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And for anyone wondering, next competition will involve community submissions.

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Who knows? Mattheus may want to try to get even with the competition by heading over to Europe, where there are more interesting airlines. ;)

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relatable af though


I mean Mattheus’ photo is an action shot…
Got to give some credit.

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Sorry, but the MD11 is just so we’ll timed


I was frankly expecting it. Prepare for @Moritz to win.


Please don’t kill each other, it seems like a lot of paper work for the mods… 😂




Karen is armed now


Get your facts right. Its Sarah Conner, AKA what happens when me in an alternate universe where I am buff and a female, gets old.

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Dang these pictures are good but I think mine could beat you in a competition.

Challenge me Senpai ;)

P.S in my unpopular opinion I like Matheus’s photo better :)

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