@Morgan99's ATC Tracking Thread (TS Global)

Hello everyone and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread.
Here I will be posting as to when and where I’m open and for around how long.
All feedback is very welcome
Currently open at EGTG TS1.
Come along and make the most of a quiet airport.

All aircraft are able to operate in/out there

I will hopefully stop by sometime

I’ve closed it atm, as I’m having internet difficulties, but I’m going to be online again tomorrow at 1530z.

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Open at EGTG now, all aircraft welcome!

Will do some patterns in the a318

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Good job with ATC, and putting us in a pattern!

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Thanks, what happened upon landing then?😉

Great job with atc , thanks for the patterns , appreciate it alot :)

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No checklists before landing

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Tower now open on training server at TNCM. Feel feel to come down!

Will stop by for some patterns

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Thank you for the service. You made it yourself a hard one. Just keep in mind SEQUENCE, CLEAR and you’re DONE. Don’t do this call you base thing. I suggest fly some IFATC patterns. You’ll adapt it.

I only quit suddenly because I don’t think my messages were getting across. For example, I was getting the aircraft transmissions, and my reply wasn’t responding

Conclusion. Join us on expert :)

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