Morgan99 ATC tracking thread (Closed)

Hi all,

I’m looking for people to observe and give me pointers. Eventually looking to complete the exams so I can control on expert and e a part of the team. Will update thread with locations. Will be locations across the globe ranging from Civilian to Military bases. Be aware I will unlikely monitor this thread whilst I’m controlling so as to not minimise IF.

Schedule for this week( all training server):
Monday: EGVN (RAF Brize Norton)
Tuesday: LGSK (Skiathos)
Wednesday: KSAN (San Diego)
Thursday: RJAA ( Narita International Airport)
Friday: EGKB (Biggin Hill - Arrivals day for my airshow on the weekend)

Open ATC info.

Look forward to doing some c17 flights out of BZN!

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That’s good to hear, will be around 1000Z.

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Open at KSAN now on training server.

Coming :)

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That was literally the worst landing I had ever done 😂

Oh well you’re down alive, that’s all that matters😂Thanks for coming

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Doesn’t it say that biggin hill air show is on casual

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The airshow is, the Arrivals on Friday evening will be Training Server.

Oh just some feedback, when I am on ground, there is no need to tell me to contact tower. When you gave taxi clearance you already said “Contact tower when ready”. Other than the other small mistake of clearing me for the option after I said full stop, all was good :)

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So I can arrive on Friday then preform on Sunday

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I’d say it is better to ask this question here: Biggin Hill Festival Of Flight 2018 @ EGKB - 181100ZAUG18
As this is an ATC tracking thread

Yes that’s fine. I’m doing that.

Ok thank you…

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Tip: add the airport + (OPEN) in your post title, when you start controlling. This makes it easier to find you and to see you’re actively controlling.

Don’t forget to change to (CLOSED) after you finish your session.

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