More Zello ATC @ PHNL - 271229ZAUG16

Server: Casual

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1229Z

I will be hosting my final weekly Zello event this Saturday. After this Saturday, I will take a week or two break, maybe longer. I will have a comeback eventually. To stay on topic, I will host Zello this week in the longest region, Hawaii. Zello will be active from 1229Z until 1314Z. I will invite all of the fans of my past Zello events to this topic. If you haven’t joined my Zello channel, it’s Infinite Flight-CBaccari


I don’t have the Hawaii region but I can work off charts!

You know I’ll be there ;)

Zella doesn’t work for me

This is a Zello event, meaning in order to participate, you need Zello. Can you provide more information on why Zello doesn’t work for you?

Hi @C_Baccari does this event still hold today or later? I have to structure my day

This event takes place tomorrow.

Oh right I’m sorry I thought today was Saturday 😂
I hate vacation 😭 You forget about yourself totally

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At least your vacation is going slower than you thought it was.

Yeah it is

@JGK00 @Captain_Infinite @Temidayo_Ekundayo event is in an hour.

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Do you want me to do ATC?

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I’m fine by myself.

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Zello will be activated now.

@JGK00 @Captain_Infinite @Temidayo_Ekundayo event is on

I’m so sorry I missed the event

I was extremely unexpectedly busy today

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