More ways for your flight to crash in live

Currently, the only way for your aircraft to crash in IF is by nose diving to the ground or landing extremely hard. I would like to suggest more ways to crash in IF IN EXPERT SERVER ONLY:

  1. Taxiing into another aircraft when on ground. In this case both aircraft, the one who got hit and the one that caused the crash will see the ‘CRASH’ message and will have to end the flight. But why end the flight who got hit? He’s totally innocent! Well, if this happened in real life both aircraft will become inoperable. I know the pilot will be angry that he has to restart his flight but ES is all about realism, isn’t it?

  2. Mid-air crash, pretty self-explanatory. If an aircraft goes through another aircraft literally (I know chances of happening in ES is extremely low and the pilot will get ghosted before this happens) but let’s assume it happened and IFATC didn’t realise. Well, then both aircraft will have their flights terminated.

Advantages: Create a more realistic environment for the expert server
Disadvantages: Pilots that got hit will be angry and some might rage quit.

What do you guys think? Vote if you support this idea!

I don’t think this is a bad idea. However, the only immediate concern would be that this could open up opportunities for trolling. e.g. people crashing into other aircraft on purpose. I know this would be a small percentage of people who would use this maliciously, but this issue could also occur when people lose their internet connection, their plane tends to move directly sideways or upwards etc. If this plane hit you it would be unintentional but it would end your flight and lose your progress. Also I think that ghosting works pretty well when on the ground anyway and mid-air collisions are very rare if people follow cruising altitude protocol. Therefore I think the costs outway the benefits on this occasion


I don’t think letting someone else decide the fate of your flight (pilot especially) is very justifiable. Imagine someone flies into you while you’re cruising. Definitely not a pleasant scenario, especially if a pilot is doing this on purpose.


How about we filter it, for example the only person that will get the Crash message would be the person who initiated the collision. So if someone happens to taxi through me and I am sitting still, the person who collided with me will have to restart their flight.

Interesting concept, but you should think it out more and make it a better and more appealing request and make it much more reasonable for pilots involved in a crash.


that is more resonable, but what happens if both aircraft are moving?

I agree with @Chief305. If I’m staying still, and an aircraft crashes into me, it’s not my fault. However, if both aircraft are moving, there is some fault on both ends so maybe both could crash.
In the end, I feel like this could be a good feature, I just feel like it’s an outlet for trolls too.


This would be great, but there would be just too much difficulty determining who commenced the crash though…

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I have come very close to a mid air collisions mutiple times before. It happens alot when people are using Sim Brief in an ATC region as it often gives the same airways for the route, which shouldn’t be a problem although some people cruise at the wrong FL. But I think the ground crash is going to be a serious problem, especially at FNFs as some people are incapable of taxiing correctly.


Are you implying that there will be users who’re likely to abuse this feature to troll? My idea is not to stop trolls who like to ruin another’s day by crashing. Instead, it’s to enhance the realism of ES. How is it possible for an aircraft that got hit still be able to fly? Unfortunately, reality can be unfair sometimes. But your idea would stop trolling for good.

I don’t support this idea, even if we made it so the person who got hit had to move to crash, because then it’s just easy for trolls to crash into flying planes and it’s just gonna be a hell. It won’t help, because you gotta move and suddenly someone smashes into you and you crash.

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Esspecialy with people not watching there whole flight nowa days I think it would be risky…


Highly agreed with this! Voted!

I would love for IF Dev. to add Bird Strikes, Engine fai. , gear not working etc…

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Exactly. Why to limit ourselves to just mid air collision?

It looks good on paper but I think the application of it may be challenging.

My fear is I am doing an overnight flight, some troll in an f22 comes up to me and runs into me on purpose.

Putting the troll hat on, if you told me there was a way to crash other’s flight, I would be all over that. There are some things where realism needs to be forgiven for the sake of the realization that this is a live mobile sim.


Yes this would great. But only for the people who started the crash and only on expert for the time being. I think at a later time it could be put on training Server as well as I think this would be hard to be abused because the person who tried to abuse it by crashing in to other would just have their Flight ended and it would only affect them. So I’d say it only happens to the person who starts the crash.

Too easy to get abused and probably too hard to implement. Let’s just leave it as it is.

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The concept is great, but the abuse of this would be insanely high. It would, like you said, create a more realistic “vibe” to the game. However, there’s always going to be those set of trolls that will ruin someone’s day by intentionally crashing into them. Of course ghosts/and violations could very well stop them, but come on…they always find their way back to haunt us!

On the ground, it’s not a bad idea. But for cruise, I can already see so many problems…

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I have seen a common theme generally in this thread, and I have to agree, it looks pretty good on paper, but in practicality, it doesn’t

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