More Waypoints

I have been suggested by @carmalonso to create this topic…

So I believe what needs to be posted here is a non-exhaustive list of important waypoints not included in IF such as MASBO in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.

Singapore & Kuala Lumpur


Ideally if you could find the latitude/longitude coords for these waypoints (or a link to somewhere that has it), that would really help :)

I think he told you to PM him, nonetheless, it’d be easier for the editors if you actually include a link or coordinates to the waypoint.

No I didn’t, I told him to create a thread (which I made a wiki) :)

Well he himself is here and I guarantee you, he did not say PM but to post a thread.

Oh I must’ve read wrong sorry…

Anyways, it’s always good with people who track these waypoints down who are missing…

No worries, everybody makes mistakes :)

Anyways I am finding the coordinates so be patient uh

I’m quite busy now so anyone just use this [url]Request rejected to search?

I couldn’t find MASBO with Google, nor the link you provided. Do you know the name of the STAR/IAP/SID where we could find MASBO?

Has anybody checked on firefight?

You mean ForeFlight?

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The name of the SID has the name MASBO itself lol MASBO2A/B/E/F


We need the coordinates btw ;)

MASBO was added and should be in the next update :)

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Linking these topics together

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@Swang007 can I have these way points please

Adding it to the issues list :)

How about TNCM

That map doesn’t have coordinates on it. Any specific arrival/departure chart you want to be included?

Perfect, thanks!