More Visible PAPI Lights

Before i say anything im just confirming that NO this is not a feature for 4 lense papis…im asking for better,bigger and more visible ones. I was on final doing pattern work and there was no ILS so i had to rely on the PAPI itself and sometimes from a far distance two reds look like two whites and the other way around too…hopefully this isnt only a problem for me but i would like to see if the PAPIS could get a bit of a buff in the future

Will come after project metal. Not currently possible.

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Is this something stated to come after project metal or u think?

Project Metal will generally increase lighting, performance etc. No statement has been made by Staff about PAPI lights, but I expect these changes to come after Metal.


It won’t – if all goes well, you won’t even notice that Project Metal has been implemented. It will only allow Infinite Flight to do more in the future. Read more about Project Metal in this official blog post.


Yep - didn’t use the correct words there. Thanks for clearing it up!

I hate reviving old threads, especially ones with no votes, but brighter PAPI lights would be great for airports that don’t have them over a concrete surface (for example, KSBP has them on the grass, and during daytime they’re quite difficult to see).