“More violations than landings”


This is popping up. I’m grade 2 and haven’t played in about 2 months. My live account says I have 0 violations and over 200 landings. Little bit annoying as I want to play with ATC and can’t do so. And I’ve payed the months subscription… any advice?

Looks like your photo hasn’t uploaded. Make sure to hit the little picture button or upload button (device dependent) and wait until the link unfurls and stops saying “uploading”.
While you’re at it, would you mind taking a screenshot of your grade and uploading it here as well? I think it’ll help in this situation. I look forward to assisting you.


Hi sure, thank you for the reply.

Your violations to landing ratio in the last 12 months is too big. You’ll need to complete some more landings before you’ll be able to regain grade 2. It looks like you’ll need 12 more landings to get the 0.5 ratio required. Flying patterns on casual should help to increase your landings and also your XP to them access grade 3!

Ok. Where the text is orange, that’s where you don’t meet the requirements for the next grade. In this situation, you only have 38,617 XP, and you need 40,000 to be able access the expert server. In addition, you have 15 violations, compared too 18 landings in the past 12 months.

In order to bump yourself up to grade three, you need to do another 13 landings, and another 1483XP. The best way to get these figures up is to find a quiet, windy airport and fly patterns there for a while. Your stats will soon shoot up!

If you have any queries, just let me know.


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