More variety of liveries.

I have noticed that country’s like Australia, Japan & new zealand dont really get any show in infinite flight. For example the only qantas aircraft are the 767, 747 and the 787. Virgin Australia is only featured once and that is with the 777-300er, Japan only has one liver which is JAL. And new zealand only gets air new zealand and sounds air. I think it would be nice if liveries were made from other parts in the world instead of focusing on a few different regions. Also I think australian air force would be nice to see as they are a very large air force and have don’t quite alot.

What we really need are liveries that are not like the originals. Like we need the Disney versions of Alaska Airlines.

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1 feature request please. Thanks!

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There are many requests already out there on IFC! Make sure to check and vote for them! :)