More UnProfessional behaviour on the expert server

Taxing through the sand (trying to get first in queue of departure)

Clipping thru some cars (later doing donuts)

This happened with atc btw

I tried contacting the user but i cant find him on the ifc


I know I know… We all do. The expert server is starting to become a second casual server :/



But IFATC what

Even more right, indeed…

Well, you have already shared your thoughts in the topic below:

The moderation team is always ready to look into your replay!

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I know the frustration about bad behaviour about expert server and there have been an increasing about of topic about the situation recently. Posting here on the IFC wouldn’t fix the issue


Lol ok yeah

This happens every summer as younger casual users are out of school. Best thing to do is ignore it and go on with your day. Come school time, things will go back to the standard level of unprofessional behavior.

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One topic is enough :)