More turboprop aircraft

It would be cool to have dash 8 series, emb 120, beach 1900, rework of 208, king air series, piper meridian, piper Cheyenne etc.

I think we need more turbo props because right now we have 1 turbo prop that is decent (Tbm). We only have long haul cargo planes right now besideds the 208. It would be cool to have a beach 1900 And emb 120 to do short/medium haul cargo and passenger routes. This is why I think we need these

B-but… we have the dash 8


Ya but that’s only one of the dash 8s

Please limit Features requests to one request per topic! Thanks!

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Hi there, this isn’t a specific feature request so I think it’s against the rules, but there are plenty of requests for turboprop aircraft that you can vote for such as this one:

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Please adhere to the category guidelines in the future :)