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Hope you’re all having a great day. I just recently uploaded a new Infinite Flight video to YouTube that showcases a full Alaska Airlines flight from San Francisco to Austin. Join me (or just leave it playing in the background while you do math as I did) as we plan our flight, enjoy a beautiful cruise over the southwestern US, and a sunset landing in central Texas. You can check it out below, enjoy!

San Francisco Intl Airport (SFO) - Austin-Bergstrom Intl Airport (AUS) [Full Flight]

v Flight Deets v

Route: San Francisco (CA),United States - Austin (TX), United States
San Francisco International Airport - Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Equipment: Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER (More to Love/Virgin livery)

Gate Departure: Terminal 2 Gate D2 @ 12:26 pm (PT)
Takeoff: Runway 01L @ 12:54 pm (PT)
Landing: Runway 36L @ 5:15 pm (CT)
Gate Arrival: Gate 08 @ 5:24 pm (CT)
Travel time: 2 hours and 56 minutes
Flight time: 2 hours and 19 minutes

Other flight and video details

This flight, like almost all of my flights, is a real life route as of the time of creation. The flight number is ASA/AS534. It is scheduled to takeoff at 1830 (UTC-8:00) and arrive at 2356 (UTC-6:00). The scheduled total travel time is 3 hrs 16 min according to flightaware. Please note the times of day used in this video were reflective not of AS534, but the now unused AS1400 flight number.


This video is shot with Infinite Flight, a mobile flight simulator available for IOS and Android. Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulator experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot.
Version 22.08

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Filming Device - iPad Pro (2021)
Editing Device - iPad Pro (2021)
Editor: iMovie (mobile), Adobe Premiere Rush (mobile)

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Beautiful video! Excellent camerawork, and it’s really cool to see the flight planning process, the different checks, etc. Well done!


Thanks! I really tried to make this video realistic and interesting to watch for everyone, I’m glad that I was able to deliver that to you. Thanks for watching!


Shameless bump because I want more people to watch the new video! 😄

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nice timelapse