[MORE TO LOVE] Seattle Spotting Part 2 | August 24th, 2019

No, no, no, don’t remind me of the more to love, I miss it so much! I want it back… 😂😢

Great pictures good for you That you caught more to love


Got pretty lucky. Missed it in the morning b/c I overslept so glad to have it back

Ya, I probably should have clarified… 😂

I always tried to make it out to see this one, but right now we are in an A320 from Alaska till early January, then an 800 till spring, sigh… 😞

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You could see them as one offs. Don’t give up hope!

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Well since we are getting the -900 back in a few months I wouldn’t say I’ve “given up hope” but Alaska has some great specials, and for the most part they are on the -900, so just a bummer, I mean we still get some cool stuff, and the Alaska flight lands at 3:30 ish, so with me getting home from school at 3:15, it is nearly impossible to see except weekends, so I’m really not missing too much. The winter is just kinda a bummer, both of our regularly scheduled heaves land around 7pm, and now it gets dark at 4, so no luck there. It of kinda just an all around bummer I guess in the winner.

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Yeah that’s true but Pixar and Toy Story are -800s right

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Wow awesome photos! Where was this spot? I’ll be in Seattle for a couple days and was thinking of spotting at Sea Tac.

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Absolutely loved that first golden hour shot! That sun shined straight onto the 737!

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Considering the cloud cover, I got pretty lucky!

M2L and everything from the Alaska with 277 on the front gear doors down is here:

The EVA is across the road (16th Ave South) from here:

Everything else is here (I think not too sure)

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