More tips for beginners

Hello guys, I would like to know if there is any tricks for a beginner? I just started about 2 days before writing this and I would like to know some tricks and tips like some routes that would be about 1-3 hours since I don’t have time. I also want to see some other ways to enhance my IF experience. Thanks!


Hey! Welcome to the community!!

There are a ton of tips and tricks here on the forum. There’s a pilot guide that helps you understand piloting, understanding ATC commands, and what-not. Also includes a ton of tips and tricks in the “Getting Started Guide”: Introduction | Infinite Flight

As for routes, they’re usually specific to aircraft/airlines, but you can always search on the forum for any routes. I found a suggested routes page that has a ton of recommended routes for all flying times:

There’s also a ton of other tools out there. If you want to create a flight plan, a great tool is FPL to IF. A lot of pilots use this:

There’s also another website made by our community moderator AdamCallow, which has a ton of tools to help enhance your experience.

Also, some people use 3rd party apps to enhance their experience—like co-pilot call-outs, passenger briefings, and flight tracking etc… I recommend the following:
— IFAssistant (Passenger announcements, co-pilot, call-outs, etc…)
— InfinitePassengers (Helps simulate passengers with specific airlines)
— IFOperations (Tracks your flight and gives you a huge briefing at the end including fuel used, cruising altitude, average GS, landing speed, FPM, etc…)

There’s a website that helps you see which airports are open on the Expert Server. This is where strict rules are enforced (refer to the flying guide above for help on that), and all our controllers are highly trained and go through a training process to become controllers. It also gives you terrain maps of airports you might be interested in; arrivals; departures; # on the ground; and more.

And finally, if you’re ever interested in joining our awesome team at IFATC, I recommend you check out this thread! Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Let me know if you have any questions. Hope this helps!


@NightHawk nailed it! He’s got you covered with the complete guide to successfully get started!

If you’re ever looking for resources on specific aircraft, @DeerCrusher has put together a great deal of guides, some of which I’ve included below!

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Thank you for the advice and all!

I also saw a video stating that you can do multiple touch and goes to get the landing requirements for grades, can that be done? I have reached the time requirements for grade 2 so I just need the landings.

Learning the basics of a pattern with a hand flown 172 should give you a foundational base to work with.

P.S. Do your reading!

That is correct! Although I would definitely spend a good deal of time reviewing the User-Guide as I’m sure you’re aiming to reach the expert server at some point. Doing so will make for a much smoother, enjoyable and more realistic experience

All of the above users have provided you with tips and tricks; for a 1-3 hour flight, keep it simple and fly from San Francisco to San Diego! All airports have 3d buildings and most likely, there will be ATC as well.

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