More Throttle Levers!

At the moment we only have one slider to control, what about if we had two…to make it more realistic eg have two sliders for planes with two engines and 4 sliders for aircraft with 4 engines…and so on

who thinks this would be a good idea?
it would also help when taxing too eg when going around a corner
also so pilots taxi with only one engine sometimes, this is to save fuel, so if there is this fuel burn for global this would be great.

Idk we might have this for global? There is engine start and shutdown feature coming with global and they devs might add dual or quad throttle sliders :)

*Please don’t give me a hard time if I am wrong. I don’t know if this is a feature coming :)


You might have a look at the topic below. Having multiple throttle sliders would be hard to integrate on small screens…


i think you can do separate engine startups but no separate throttle controls

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I say keep it simple it is a IOS and Android simulator in the end so we don’t want too many stuff cluttering the screen up in my opinion.

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Or three hint hint


hahaha opps forgot about the MD 11


.And the DC10 😄👌👏👍…

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@Flacky… MaxSez: “Throttle Levers” not Throttle Sliders my young friend! More fish will bite if you utilize correct terminology. Google is your friend! Good idea though, don’t think the platform can handle it, but you get my vote anyway.


You have a seperate screen with more levers

Not sure I entirely agree with this idea but here are my thoughts on it:

  • Its a mobile simulator where screen real estate is already a problem given the current buttons/sliders and other info displayed on the screen. If what you’re wanting puts 2-4 throttle “sliders” on the screen, we now have an issue with seeing certain aspects of the simulator.

  • When I play IF, I’m generally sitting and holding my device with both hands. Using my left thumb for the throttle, and right thumb for the different buttons. However, while in cruise, its a bit more relaxed. I tend to use different fingers for different buttons. But, how am I suppose to taxi, takeoff, or land if I have to use 3 or 4 fingers just for the throttle. Essentially, its asking for me to fly one handed on a device. Imagine trying to fly with the iPad Pro 12.9" with only one hand. Think about it… 🤔

  • A compromise, if something like this were ever added, it would be nice too have as a “toggle” feature. Similar to that of the landing aid, airport names, user display names, etc.

But respectfully, as much of a great idea as it sounds, I don’t see a beneficial practical use. It would be great for simulating differential thrust, but the cons outweigh the benefits from what I can see.


Like @DeerCrusher said, good idea but also a bad idea, first off it will take up screen space, this is a mobile simulator, just because you have an ipad and have lots of space doesn’t mean everyone has one, would be difficult for the developers to implement this equally for all devices that run IF.

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I think they would have announced that by now if is was coming:-(

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Like Extreme Landings?

Hahaha extreme landings has terrible flight controls ;)


I like the idea of this, it is a feature that most commercial aircraft have.
The only problem is that it will be a bit uncomfortable to control more than 1 throttle slider.
If you are playing just on your device with touchscreen it will be hard but if you have a joystickk and throttle connected, it will be great feature!

Screen real estate makes this pretty much untenable. You wouldn’t be able to see much other than throttles and other controls. I suppose it could be done by narrowing them such that 2 or 3 or 4 takes up the same space the single one does now, but the you have the issue of needing really skinny fingers to manipulate them separately.


You can put the seperate controls on another page like the lights

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737… If it ever gets added

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What do you mean the 737 only has two engines