More then one ATC take charge one airport one time


i think we really need to have more people control one kind of ATC in one airport
you know what i mean? for example we can have like 3 ATC for the tower for KLAX cause its a really airport and its very busy and if some ATC skills is suck then you are gonna waste your time on time
instead of only allow on person to take charge of a kind of ATC in one airport we can have more then one
and each one ATC can track maybe 4 to 5 plane one time carefully i think that will be great ! :grinning:


As in a couple of people on one of say three tower frequencies?


That can be done now but everyone trolls the planes that aren’t on their frequency and it’s a giant mess because no one can communicate with one another. The advanced operations do this however because they communicate.


YA it could be then each ATC could take charge of own plane and track 3 to 4 plane
then its not really hard for the beginner ATC
because when i be an ATC for the first time i felt like there are tooooo many planes need to take control


Ya tell me about it! I can just imagine the peace I would have at KLAX ON PLAYGROUND!!!


ya it s also a good idea to communicate with other in the ATC playground . but do you know how to be an ATC in advance servers ?


They are supposed to start testing again soon we just have to be patient and they will make that announcement.


Yup it’s just a waiting game!


you know you can google on internet ’ mayday’ when they shows the ATC they have more then one ATC each types of ATC like maybe 4 people on TOWER and they got 4 to 5 planes on their track list and thats gonna be easy a lot
also need a little chat with other ATC that will be great isnt it?


Yaw its gifted!


Yes I get what your saying that’s why they have so many frequencies for like KLAX and such just like real life they took every frequency that airport has and incorporated them. But it just doesn’t work on the playground in less you join the playground crew where we communicate with each other. The next update they said the playground will only have one frequency per position


Yeah but at least it won’t be trolled by other frequencies and people can’t just come in and mess up your sequencing😉


but anyway in ADVANCE SERVERS they only allow one ATC per type per airport
they do allow you to join but you can just watch you cant do anythings
also whats a playground crew?


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its really hard to say there still some one being an ATC and play tricks with you
i am saying they can mess up i mean one people can charge 2 or 3 plane and they cant do any other things to other plane s
but the problem is ATC cant chat with each other and know what s other going to do
if they fix it it will be great


Yeah! We can do that on the forum at the muinite though but it takes very long!


yes thats true
why not make a plane crash happed ? :grinning:
thats gonna be great too


If I controlled and only have 5 or 6 plane’s that would be boring


because we all human we could make a mistake i know it wont be anything happend if we made a mistake
if in real life its gonna be a accident
we wanna game be more real right


You say the airport is full by denying entry