More than 24hrs in 24hrs?

So I noticed that the leader board has people flying up 56hrs in the 24Hr window? Anyone know how this is possible?
Feel a bit like a noob for asking this, sorry if this is something obvious I missed😑

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Never noticed that but that is wierd

I don’t know if we ever got an answer, but it’s been asked before:

[That one is from 2015, but I actually remember one from a month ago too. I’ll have to find it. (This is why your titles should indicate content, people.)]


It was also asked a few hours back believe it or not. Didn’t care much to see the answer though as it’s been like that for a very long time.

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Really? I couldn’t find any other posts about this… sorry for the duplicate, Let me flag a mod

🤯 A dev is aware of this already and its likely its a bug that has been around for quite some time.


People can fly for longer and not actually quit the app. I closed a thread about this yesterday.

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