More than 1 week after a level 3 Violation

Hey I just want to figure out what is going on with my game or status of a violation. Had a level 3 violation (my first ever). Expert Server states you need 0 Level 3 violations in 7 days. It has been greater than 7 days since my violation and it still shows that I have 1 in the last 7 days. So I am unable to access Expert Server. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Could we possibly see your grade table if possible?
And your violation history?

  • If your sure you should have access to the ES then spawn in to the training server, and then leave and restart the app and you should have access to the ES if there’s nothing stopping you like Landings for example

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Hop into the training server, just take off, and leave the flight, refresh the app, and see if you have access to the ES :)

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No luck. Thank you though Ace

Can you show the violation history please by tapping on the bottom right button and send a screenshot please?

My vio happened on the 29th. So many just need to wait until tomorrow

You should have access, maybe Seb might be able to help? I may be wrong though so apologies in advance…

@schyllberg sorry for the ping but shouldn’t OP have access since it has been 7 days?

The violation happened on the 29th but the appeals team didnt get back to me until the first. Maybe that’s it? Oh well. Just hope to be able to participate in Fridays ATC schedule. Appreciate the help

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What is your last known callsign?

Callsign on the violation was Delta 918.

Not what I asked for :)

Last known callsign would be the most recent one you’ve used.

Couldn’t help but point out 29th Feb only happen in a leap year.

It’s still a week ago…

Depends on when on the 29th the violation occurred :)

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Yes can the OP show the actual violation summary? It will reveal the actual time & see date as well type of violation.
Once you passed that actual time in Zulu after 7 days it should regain access to ES.
Otherwise turn the device off to reset.

I requested it here -

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Southwest 918

It says 6 days ago but 6 days ago would be the first

Guess ill wait until tomorrow to see. Appreciate the support everyone