More Taxiway Surfaces Rendered

Had this post on the to-do list for a while.
I’m requesting more rendering taxiway surfaces, the most important ones being grass, dirt and gravel.

As I’m an airport editor I noticed that there are plenty surface types for taxiways and runways. Runway surfaces are mostly rendered in game already, however taxiway surfaces like grass still render as concrete.
I think it’s crucial that those are rendered correctly in Infinite Flight, because small GA or glider airports often don’t even have paved taxiways.
It’s a cosmetic issue really. Global GA airports, which really only consist of grass taxi- and runways, that are covered in concrete is a major impact on realism and flying experience really.

Quick example to illustrate the issue:

How the edited airport looks like:


How it would be rendered in Infinite Flight at the moment:


Sorry for breaking the one photo rule, but this shows the difference very well.


I agree this would be very useful as GA flying is important, and it wouldn’t be particuarly hard to implement


I’d also like to see this 😀

Love GAs in IF, but sometimes smaller airports are a little… ‘odd’.


I think its good to add more realism. As Paved taxiways and runways are abit unusual on small airports

Although, I think it may be hard to differ between a taxiway and a runway in that case

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This is the same for Dirt, Dry Lakebed, Snow, Gravel. All don’t render and inhibit as concrete in IF

With global coming, our editors see new surfaces but we might see concrete still


It would be a good idea to have it for GA aircrafts.

Also note the runway textures are in IF for these, whilst I don’t think you can use those they could be a starting point :)

RIP my last vote

Voted! Been waiting for this for a long time.

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Like the idea, but not worth my precious vote. Sorry.
We will probably be seeing these improvements a little after the Global release. Hope so.

EDIT: never mind, have a vote!

I think this will improve after the global release. Otherwise, great request!

Very nice request - would make GA flying more realistic.