More Spotting at CLT ft a special visitor

Just your typical Southwest 737 in the Canyon Blue livery speeding down Runway 18C, with the taxiway to Runway 18R/36L in the background.

A very sad sight at any airport in times like these :(

Just your evening shot of the CLT skyline.

And for the special visitor of the night, a World Atlantic Airlines MD-83 (ex-American Airlines) hauling in medical supplies from Princess Juliana Airport/SXM. Did I mention the absolute butter of a landing?


Great shots!

Love the maddog!

Reminds me of AA

sniff… sniff
starts crying


First time seeing one, and didnt even think of it. What kind of monster am I?


He may have buttered the landing, but if I remember correctly, he didn’t butter his takeoff from St Marteen


Yeah I saw that, and it reminded me of this. “We pay for whole runway, we use whole runway”


I saw a shot on Instagram of that. Head-on. It looked like it was taken at no more than 100mm. No heat haze or anything. Absolutely crazy, one of the most insane shots I’ve ever seen


Account name? Odds are I know them in some way or another

I don’t remember but it was a smaller account. (You know the SXM guys? The shot was at SXM)

Oh in that case no

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Beautiful and sleek. I want it!

Got a few million?

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Maybe the community could pitch in and we can all charter it when we need. Lol

That’s food for thought. Lets start a fundraiser lol

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Wow those are some nice photos!

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Preciate it

All time users 47k. Split that in half for the heck of it. Ask for 300 from each user… that’s somewhere around 7,050,000. How close are we? Lol

Why did I not go to the airport today, that’s an awesome spot!

0.0000000% there. We have $0/$7,050,000 raised.

Well you probably would’ve forced to bail early. We had a CMPD officer there and you probably would’ve gotten in trouble for being out

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CLT gotta wash their jet bridge. Never seen one that dirty.

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