More specific “Check Help Pages”

Everyone reading this post knows the amount of resources the Infinite Flight Community forum has to offer. Unfortunately, a lot of IF pilots don’t know about the IFC. This becomes even more apparent in crowded airspace, and more apparent still when a lot of inexperienced pilots are on one frequency.

This feature request is focused around allowing ATC to inform a pilot of exactly why they are being told to “Check Help Pages”, and where they can go to get that help. I believe the current “Please check tutorials on the forum for assistance using ATC instruction” message is insufficient, and this will make it more effective.

  1. Add the name of the website to the command. The command could read similar to ”Please check tutorials at for assistance using ATC instruction”. This might be a lot of words, but so is an ILS clearance. Jason also says the full web address on FlightCast, so there is a precedent.

  2. ATC recently got the option to include a reason with their ghosts. This builds on the first part of the post. When ATC sends check help pages, a second menu would allow them to specify which tutorial is related. For example: “Please check tutorials at for assistance using ATC during your flight”.

  3. In a pilot’s logbook, along with the reason for their ghosting and the controller’s name, include a link to the forums. Ideally this would open the user’s default browser, but at a minimum they would have a record of the web address of the forum in a place that is tied to their ghosting. That way they are more likely to see the forum and come to explore.

Im agree with this feature , i am looking to create this feature before but i have no idea.
Anyway, would like to see this new feature on the next update :)

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This would definitely make IFATCs job way easier. The help pages command will help the pilot to narrow down his mistake, so he hopefully doesn’t repeat it. The forum bit is what got me in because I think all players should at least be aware of the IFCs existence. That way they know that they can approach someone about their problem. Well put request.

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