More Southwest Airlines State Liverys?

Who agrees with me that the developers should create more Southwest state liverys?

They all look amazing and they would be really fun to fly!


Hey! I agree that would also be cool. The great thing about this forum is that there is a Features category with hundreds of aircraft and livery requests. Be sure to utilize the search bar feature to search for individual liveries you’d like to vote for!

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Maryland One!!! ❤️


Closest to New Jersey, so I like it.

How about them making an Alabama One or Georgia One? Although Alabama’s flag is not exciting or anything to write home about, it still works.

I love the SWA special liveries. But like @Asher there are #features topics for these! Feel free to go and vote for them there and use the wonderful Search Bar!

I also believe that they have a good amount currently because the can have other airlines and more diversity in the sim.

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GO Maryland One my Home State


Please refer to the highlighted post above. Feel free to vote for these feature requests on the forum. Thanks!