More regions for non pro subscribers

Hi Infinite Flight Community. I was hoping for those individuals that cannot afford a pro subscription that the devs can add a few more regions for us to fly in.

Right now without a pro subscription you can currently only fly in 15 regions. I hope we can modify and add 5 extra regions to infinite flight made available to non pro subscribers. These regions would be fun to fly in and very interesting. A few regions could be expanded more to include more airports.

You can vote which every region you want to fly in but these are my 5 favorite regions that I think should be available to non pro subscribers.

  1. All airports within Las Vegas Nevada and Area 51

  2. Phoenix Arizona

  3. Vancouver Canada

4 Texas Dallas and Houston

  1. Puerto Rico and More Caribbean island airports.

Some regions could be expanded a bit more.

Southern California add San Nichols Island Airport

Hi welcome to the community, you have to be TL2 to post in the #features also I think the devs said that they won’t add more regions to non-sub users. Plus this is kinda like a subscription because you can fly across the boarders with some of them here and it wouldn’t really work.

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