More regions for non pro guys? Discuss here and i'll make a request!

hello IFC!!!
so i came up with an idea for extended free regions

i made this topic so non pro guys can discuss on free places
or the alps?
so the non-pro users can have an idea on whats it like outside of the US in IF
so they can feel a bit of asia perhaps?
so they can be encouraged to buy global??

so here are my requests
Indonesia (a small part of it)
(thats all)
if u came across this topic feel free to discuss on which regions would be free!!
if there are good ones i’ll make a vote on it!!

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You could create a feature request for this if you like. Keep in mind the rules of the category:

Specifically the rule “One item per request”


Sadly as Infinite Flight uses real world satellite imagery, topography, aircraft and etc… It all costs a lot of money. Having a subscription is highly suggested, without is practically to give you a ‘taster’ of the game with a few scenery regions which have decreased over time, as a decision on whether to purchase global or not. I definitely suggest it!


too bad :C


If you had to pick one I wouldn’t pick Iceland as it has no topography.

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Global scenery is very expensive. The costs for the actual data and the infrastructure required to stream everything to your tablet costs a lot money. Infinite Flight did expand the California region to non-pro subscribers already. Maybe there will be additional regions available in the future but for now, it’s not worth it creating a #features request for this. Thank you :)