More red circles

There are restrictions at KASE, KAGE, VNLK. There should be one also at TNCS , but the list is infinite! How they select where and where not adding them?

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That’s ultimately down to staff.

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“Quality of life”

If infinite flight kept up-to-date and added all the current real world restrictions then there would be much less flying space. They also have to take into perspective whether we would actually want them.

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Those airports used to have HEAVY HEAVY traffic coming into them. So thats why they added the TFR’s

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But much more professionalism

Thus why I added the quality of life phrase. Would everyone be happy with it? Is having full realism in terms of flying space the best option for everyone?

Ok. Thank you all

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Yes, we would see little red dots all around the world if all TFRs were in place. These airports used to receive heavy traffic pre-global.

The current ones are for the IF problem areas. In theory most airports would have something around them which would just cause confusion. If someone wanted to land a 380 on a grass field they can. If over time they feel one is needed they will add it.

Thanks! You can close now

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