More realistic turbulence

It would be nice if there was better turbulence in if, because every time I fly in even light turbulence the plane reacts as if I’m flying in hurricane Irma. Just in a future update with clouds or something this could be improved? Just a suggestion :)

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You can post such suggestions in Features. If you are lucky, this will be implemented in Infinite Flight. You’re already TL2. with this IFC level you can also post in this category.

Please check this beforehand so that your post meets all the rules. When you’ve read the topic, go ahead!

Edit: Now it has been moved to Features. You can now describe your problem more and make your post more detailed. @MadridistaPilot

I wish you good luck with your idea!

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As you probably know, IF uses real world observations and data to simulate wind and turbulence. But if you think this could be improved, you could go ahead and move it to #features to start a discussion since you’re TL2 and I don’t see any duplicates.

Edit: Whoops, Jan beat me to it.

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Hey! Can you please specify what is not good enough and what should be improved? This way we understand what you mean better.

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It just feels like every time my plane changes heading in turbulence it almost banks 90 degrees which I wouldn’t do in real life, I just wish it reacted a bit less aggressively in turbulence

That’s an autopilot issue. Feel free to vote for this feature below.

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Perhaps this could help too.

Bank Angle Selector

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