More Realistic Sound

So this is a feature that would be a good add to the global update for realism.

So you know in plane spotting videos how you can hear the engine sounds on takeoff, well this would be good for live when, imagine this, you’re at a calm airport with your friends and they all have the engine off and there’s that one plane with the engine on taxiing to the runway, so, when they takeoff, you can hear the engine roaring loudly (say a GE90 777) and it would just make live a little more cooler hearing all the engine sounds a little more vividly.
I know its not too big of a deal but I thought it would be cool :D

Please think about how this would affect you (like if you would enjoy it or not)

Duplicate, the other topic covers a wider range as well ✌🏼


The only issue, is that the last post on this topic was in March…

The feature is still open so until the linked topic is closed this falls under the “duplicate” classification ;)


Very true, since it hasn’t been closed yet.

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