More realistic screens for the A320 fam

Ok, I will need to include 2 pictures for this to make sense, sorry IFC

Ok, in IF for the A320 fam, these are the screens that we get on the ground (do not get me wrong, they look great!)

This is what should be added to IF to the A320 fam on the GROUND

Who is with me?

I don’t really see a difference between the two screens.


Look at the bottom of the screens

Yeah, I have no idea what you’re asking for.

Still don’t see any difference.

I think only need new colors for the PFD like irl

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He is asking for the new screens to be added to the a320 cockpit as for some reason it has the old screens which aren’t that widely used anymore

Old (currently in IF):


Edit: nvm he’s asking for the degrees under the horizon to disappear while on the ground as seen on the second picture.

ok, i saw what you mean when you are on the ground it is not supposed to show the degrees of the bottom of the PFD (brown part)

The IF one has rounded corners and the new one is a square, that’s what he means. The rounded ones are really old, while the square one is the new one


As development continues, more things on screen will be added and made more realistic. Hope this helps. Things will be improved as time goes on.

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What he means is the rounded corners, not the content of the screen