More realistic rules for the expert server

I would like to see more rules to improve realism for the expert server. For example, I saw a guy flying Air New Zealand A320 in Switzerland! Switzerland!!! This is unacceptable. My idea is that the game wouldn’t let you spawn in if you don’t have an appropriate livery for the region. For example. If I want to spawn in with Air New Zealand A320 in Switzerland like that guy did, the game wouldn’t let me. It would basically be a livery restriction.

The second rule that I want is regarding airports. You wouldn’t be allowed to spawn in at a terminal where the airline doesn’t operate. For example, BA uses T3 and T5 at Heathrow, so if you were to try to spawn in at Terminals 2 or 4, the game wouldn’t let you.

The third rule that would be nice to see would be that you must use charts when flying on the expert server. There are tutorials posted in the #tutorials category so it shouldn’t be a problem to learn how to use charts. It would help ATC as they would know in advance where the planes will come from and they can plan an approach path before they even open

Do you like this idea?

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That’s it for this feature request. I hope that these rules can be added to increase the amount of realism on the expert server

Thank you for your request.

I can with certainty tell you that nothing of this will be implemented I’m afraid, as it’s simply taking it a few steps too far.