More realistic ILS function

I noticed that in IF, the ILS Mode is “Infinite”, but in the real life it isn’t infinite,
it starts when our plane is 12.nm to the destination airport!
Please, correct this because it isn’t so realistic…


Small correction, doesn’t really affect anything IMO. Just enable it closer into the airport ;)

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What’s IMO?

In My Opinion. This should be in #support, as it is a problem with the game.

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Not really. He is requesting it to be removed and only placed in at 12.0nm. It’s not a problem

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Ah okay, well, I think it should be correct IMO ;)

Hmm… it’s a bug, not really a feature. :)

No it isn’t a bug, it’s an error by the mods

It’s not a bug. It’s how the game is designed. Leave it in #support a mod will change if he thinks it needs to br

Same thing ;)

Should be possible! In the navigation files, receptionRange tells how close to the runway you have to be for the ILS to be recognized. It’s usually 18nm for LOC and 10nm for the GS.


Yes but the complete ILS is at 12nm!!

Doesn’t that depend on the airport and ILS system installed at each runway?

No, ILS is the same for every runway

Are you referring to the actual localizer or just how far out that the sim can “lock” onto the ILS?

Some ILS have different a glideslope so I am not sure that saying ILS is the same for every runway is correct. Some real life pilots may chime in. It depends on what you mean by ILS since there are many aspects to it.

I personally don’t mind. For the non-pilots like me I sometimes use the indicator to tell me “you need to be descending” even though I am far out. I know it is not correct but that is how I use it sometimes.

The ILS is only usable out to the published max distance as promulgated in the airfield operating documents. If this is not published then I tend to use a ‘generic’ distance of max 25nm.

Often you will find localiser restrictions as there might be obstructions within the beam leading to LOC errors. Again these are airfield specific.

Always remember that you cannot descend on the procedure unless you are on the localiser as that is the only point that guarantees you adequate safety separation.

Thi is a feature request not a support request

Then don’t engage APPR before 12nm then, duuh… And the distance varies, actually.

It does, but we have that data (check gs/loc.json in the nav repo)