More Realistic Flight Planning

I tried to post this in features but was unable to. I also searched to see if the topic has been descussed before and was unable to find anything. But im wondering if other would agree on having a list of RL flight plans to chose from. Or a weather realated flight plan that would change depending on the weather. Just so we have the option for a more realistic flight plan.


Good idea!

But if everybody choose the same flight plan from LAX - SAN

image everybody using the same route


That happens in real life. Aircraft are established along the same airway, take a look at the Atlantic Ocean flights.

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@AlotQuestions these are planes that chose the same route in real life.


I added flight plan database fpl generation to liveflight connect for Windows if you want it.

What do you have to do? I guess a nore important question is dodo you have to have internet connection for the computer to run it.

Do you see the bundle of functionalities provided by liveflight connect for Windows being integrated with the app itself someday?

I do like the apps. only problem is that i am not around a wifi for about 95 percent of the month. so id only be able to use it about 5 days that i am home. And then when useing the windows app it did not calculate active and inactive runways. It did put me on a good flight plan so it is always editable.

And Yifan what do you mean? you want the phone app to do what the Windows app does?

Sounds like a cool idea man.

But in real life, the pilots LISTENS TO DIRECTIONS

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No need to tag, your only sending a reply

Its not useful if its not mac!!!

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true. one of the disadvantages of macs

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*flicks nose

Stop trying to make Windows happen it’s all about Mac now

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I do like this idea :) It would also help ATC.

A good chance that these functions will be added to IF eventually.

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I’d expect LNAV and VNAV features a no-brainer once global flight is implemented.

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