More Realistic Callsigns

In the real world, they use call signs like “AAL2522” for American Airlines but in IF they use “American 2522” . My idea is that you can type AAL2522 and have an option to go by “ALPHA ALPHA LIMA 2522” or “American 2522”

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No I’m pretty sure they speak to ATC as their call sign e.g easy 123 Easy jet flight 123

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Your thinking sbout flight numbers I think

Sorry I forgot to change this to under the features category

Im trying to say that on the radar it’s for example “AAL2522” but atc still calls them “American”

Ah ok just that wasn’t clear

In real life? Yea well that is just to show it on the screen and not to conjest the screen with long callsigns.

No, they actually say “American”, just the flight number is AAL(number). Same for Southwest, it says SWA or WN on radar but the pilots actually say “Southwest”. Listen on to hear this.

Alpha alpha Lima would take up way to much space in IF. Especially if it’s a busy approach or airport.

Here are some examples

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