More random spotting pictures

Hey all, what’s up! Here with some more spotting photos I’ve got all kinda old, but whatever.

We’re gonna start with this because I have no idea what this even is tbh…

Moving up the size scale a bit, one of my favorite planes to spot here at PIT, thanks for answering my questions about these guys @DeerCrusher!

Another step up the size ladder, we got this MRJ as there called now I guess coming from the land of @AndrewWu and @robert_xing

Big brother to that here is a -900. @IFATC_Andrew at the helm perhaps? 🤔

Another step, and here we got a 737 blasting off to the land of @den.aviation and @Luke_Sta

Tied for size we got this A320 not going anywhere fast

American A320 lands into the sunset

Perhaps the most poetic picture here a Delta Mad Dog lands into the sunset on its last flight into Pittsburgh. The next morning he took off to ATL on the aircrafts final passenger flight.

In stark contrast to the one above, an American A321NX goes from burgh to burgh on its delivery flight.


Amazing photos! I really dig the sunset ones!

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Nice shots! The first one is a Lockwood AirCam (I think), I’ve seen one or 2 flying around here


Ya, I could have looked it up probably, thanks for the info that sounds right, I knew the name at one point 😂

Still a wacky little thing either way 😂

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Yes. Very neat


Very sad I wasn’t able to watch my final MD-88 from my home airport, haven’t spotted there in so long. Beautiful pictures, especially that Mad Dog!

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that’s an A320 but nice shots!

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Loved the first one! Especially the guy in it! Haha

Well shoot…

I can’t believe you’ve found one of the very rare MD 80 planes! Nice job 🤗

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Well they came here like four times a day up until the last day, not that hard to stumble upon 😂

I love the ultralight plane. I have gotten to fly on a md-80 and md-90.

Well at least you are lucky to see the last MD-80 Delta plane before it’s final rest

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Not me, haven’t flown since June 2nd

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Those are old, that CRJ is from March 8th, but come to think of it your PSA right? That one is SkyWest…

I haven’t been to PIT since 2019 lol

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Well then I definitely haven’t gotten a good picture of you unless you mean like the last week of 2019 since I got the camera for Christmas. If your ever stopping by let me know, I’d definitely get a shot of that. I don’t think we get many PSA flights here though. Republic has a pilot and maintenance base here, so the vast majority of our RJs are Republic.

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