More prominent indication of ATC messages directed at player

Given the whole TTS issue that iOS has been experiencing, as well as a bug I’ve experienced on android where TTS crashes and never reconnects mid-flight, I think it is a good idea to make a more prominent indication of ATC messages other than the orange flashing ATC icon. Could be any of these:

  • The popup used for warnings
  • Vibration or sound (this needs to be togglable)
  • ATC message persists at top of screen for longer if it requires a response.

I agree I have got two violations in two days where I have never received one before due to connection and game crashing now I have three which is really frustrating when you fly by real FAA RULES AND REGS !! I had an ATC CONTROLLER give me a violation when the game was crashing and I was near another plan it would be nice to have those removed due to the issues at hand .

I have never and will never violate and rules or flight regulations intentionally and the game has made it look that way I assume bc when it’s crashing you have no control of what your aircraft decides to do

did you appeal the violation?

Yea I appealed them both so when my game crashed it didn’t save a replay second I was over the crashes and lagging , so I deleted the game completely so I could get everything back to default like the voice and all that so I have no replay so they said to look at it I had to submit a replay I told them that and haven’t heard anything so far

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Makes me wanna quit playing bc I always follow ATC instructions and never fly unsafe

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Discussing violations on a topic should not be allowed and only discussed through the PM of the controller and Appeals

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ohh that’s unlucky, when i crashed my Replay file saved. Well maybe give them a message again but it’s unlikely it will get reversed without evidence.

Hi there!

I believe that ATC sounds and crashing bugs have been resolved in the latest iOS update. As such, I believe the sound itelf should be enough of a “notification” that the user has been given an instruction from ATC. It also seems that you’re requesting three features in one topic, unfortunately this isn’t allowed.

I will just say though: The vibration notification is something I could get behind!

As per what @Chris_Hoss said above, the discussion of controller issued violations isn’t necessary, as it can be a form of shaming another - this is why threads about the discussion or appeal of violations should be done in a PM with the Appeals Team.

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Maybe as a setting but I’m not sure I’m a fan of the idea of this being default.

I don’t think it should be default but there should be some way to have it be more obvious. Especially when an ATC tells you to go around, if we can’t hear ATC it’s likely that we will miss the instruction.