More plane spotting at Dublin and Heathrow ☘️

Love sharing my photos on here as I get a lot of positive responses so i’m doing it yet again! Getting very windy and rainy here in Ireland as we are rolling into the winter so i’m posting some sunny shots as a memory as we won’t see the sun until 2023 🤣

Here is EI-NSA one of Aer Lingus’s brand new A320 NEO heading to LHR last month!

Lufthansa’s Star Alliance livery A320-200 about to touchdown at Dublin from Frankfurt Airport during summer!

The king of the skies making a low approach over Heathrow’s Myrtle Avenue in June of this year! I’m excited to see if this beauty wins the rework poll tomorrow.

Delta’s A350 departing from Dublin’s 10R heading for Atlanta as DL177 during the summer season. Sadly we won’t be seeing them till next year as winter has now rolled in.

Air Canada’s 787-8 heading for Toronto Pearson from Dublin during very heavy down pour which is no surprise at this time of year 😆

Iceland’s newest airline, Play Airlines about to touchdown on Dublin’s 28L from Keflavik!

The giant Shamrock departing 10R at Dublin heading for the big apple over in the States. In small words, EI-FNG A333 DUB-JFK 😅

Iceland’s flag carrier, Icelandair, finally letting their Independence day livery give Dublin a visit a few months ago!

Ryanair’s 737 MAX 8-200 departing Dublin’s brand new 28R/10L which was opened in August. This was the first ever departure from this runway. Sadly Infinite Flight are still waiting for satellite imagery before implementing this into the simulator.

Lastly, here’s a Turkish Airlines A330-300 flying over Myrtle Avenue at Heathrow during summer time! Can’t wait to go back to Heathrow when the weather gets better.

Thanks all for the support on my previous topics and will definitely make one again soon! Hope you all like the shots ❤️

Apologies if any of the photos are blurry. This website seems to compress them into lower quality images.


I mean, just look at them. That’s no surprise. Fantastic shots yet again!


Thanks so much man! Glad you like them. Always love sharing them to see what people think. Defo gives me a boost of energy and confidence to keep going with what i’m doing!

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That PLAY photo is just stunning. Well done!

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I’m speechless, these are perfect!

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Thanks so much!

Thanks a lot my man!!

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Top tier stuff.


Lovely pictures Kyle. And without doubt the Aer Lingus A320neo is the best Aircraft out there so far!

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Love the Lufthansa Star Alliance one! Amazing images, Kyle!

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I wonder why 😂

I mean, these are absolutely amazing. The Icelandair and PLAY stands out for me, they look incredible. Lovely photos and please keep posting them :)


Thanks very much Andrew

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Appreciate it Kuba, it defo is, the EI colours suit it.

Thanks so much Skye! The Lufthansa shot is one of my favourites

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I for sure will! Thanks so much for your support dude

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Awesome pics!! It’s just missing that great Ryanair moonface one ;)

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Thanks so much Sean! I’ll post it especially for you 😂 hope to see your moon face sticking out the window in December


AirCanada pic the best.

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