More pilot to ATC options

There needs to be ways for the Pilot to tell ATC they are wrong, or for ATC to “check the weather”. I’ve had a couple of controllers want me to take off and land with tail winds. I’ve also been told to work a right traffic pattern on eft pattern runways and vise versa…


Tail winds push you down the runway. Who’s this Bernoulli character? Jk.

I had one tell me intersection departures weren’t allowed when I was holding short at the correct part of the runway (before the overrun). Then when I decided to go NORDO I got spammed by the guy.


this annoys me when your so far out and they tell you to contact them


One of the biggest problems in the playground is when you’re far out and on approach and you get an on gaurd

Unfortunately I have had this problem on both servers. The only thing I do is keep transmitting the runway I want…you know, the one they should be using…Then I get the “please follow instructions”. And normally ghosted from there on…

Wait this is happening on advanced?