More Photoshop... :)

Well, it’s been a while since I uploaded other photos here, so there are others:.

VIRGIN ATLANTIC A350 (Photoshop)
Place: London Heathrow

(My favorite) A380 Vueling livery concept

B767 Iberia (Photoshop)

Place: Madrid barajas airport

Air canada B787 New livery (Photoshop)

Iberia A320 NEO (Photoshop)

United Airlines E190 with new livery (Photoshop)

B738 Air Europa (Photoshop)

This is a real flight that I made in summer and that I would like to share with you.

I made the same flight in IF and did some captures, Here is the result

Place Catalonia (Spain)

Formation flight

Place: Somewhere in Amsterdam

Lufthansa B787 New livery (Photoshop)

Thank you for viewing my photos, if you want to see more you just have to visit my Instagram profile

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Well this is actually not the worst I’ve seen. They look quite realistic!


Wow! These edits look awesome! Especially that first one. For a second I though, “since when do we have the A350 in IF?”

Keep it up!


wow thats good never seen anyone photoshop like that

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Love the Virgin a350 and the Air Canada 787 new livery (hope it gets added) overall some of the best edits I have seen

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How did u do this?

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Photoshop C6 :)

Nice did you cut the a350

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Loved the Air Canada 789. Nice!

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Sorry I voted 1 on accident… thought it was the one I like the most. 😂

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