More Photos-Uzbek 763, Singapore A380, ANA 77W, Delta 764 Breast Cancer Awareness Livery

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-400ER Breast Cancer Awareness Livery:


Nice special livery. Taken with old camera.

ANA Boeing 777-300ER:

Made the turn at the perfect moment.

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380-800:


Man these A380s are so fun to planespot… Keep them coming!

Uzbekistan Airways Boeing 767-300ER:


Waited an extra 1.5 hrs. to get photos of it and it goes right over my head!! Really pissed me off… Least it arrived on time…



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Yes the registration is UK.

The spots on the lens can only be cleaned by a professional and since I am not a professional photographer, I am not going to bother to pay the premium to get the spots fixed. I am not paying for Photoshop CS6 either only to edit out those dots. I overlook them-Just pretend they don’t exist


Plane spotting category?

The 764 is lovely and so is that A380

I would love the addition of the ANA livery to the 77Ws in the App, since it flys to nearly all US and European destinations!

Whoops never mind. accidentally didn’t move it at the right time

And the ANA livery looks terrific on the 77W also