More options for flying on Live

It would be great to have an option to fly locally or just with a specified pilot (as in via Bluetooth or local WiFi). That way you could fly just with your friends nearby. Each option is described below:

  • Bluetooth - Connect to other people’s devices nearby
  • Local WiFi - Connect over WiFi to other people’s devices nearby

It’s just an idea, which could be implemented into Live to provide more online and offline options (since some people are paying for Live but don’t always have an Internet connection).

Please vote below (and don’t forget to like if you want them):

  • Local Bluetooth
  • Local WiFi
  • Game Center
  • None of them, leave Live the way it is

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Please no Game Center. Please please no


Pretty sure that would require more servers, which means more costs for FDS


Local wifi would be great seeing as I have 3 devices I could play on and not having to buy more subscriptions!

But surly you can do this anyways, just pick a quiot region and go fly with your friends

Local Wifi Bluetooth Game Center will never come

Please leave Live like he is now.

BT/Wifi wouldn’t; it works peer to peer.

‘Other players nearby’… Would need quite a range here, very rural area.

I know it’s nothing to do with a game, but that is the easiest way to fly with your friends :-)

I don’t think any more people would be flying than there is now with the extra options.

He means it costs FDS more, not the user.

I read that bit too

I’m wondering why though?

A company runs the servers for them, they have to pay for those servers. Just like they pay for the forum.

Yes, but why would having these extra options to fly on Live cost more for FDS to run? Since the servers are never more than 40% full.

My problem with Game Center is that it has those annoying pop ups before games load asking the user to log in to the game center account. There’s no way to disable this from what I know. I assume it’ll do the same with IF.

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Can’t you turn it off in settings? And I would say it should be an optional thing for Infinite Flight, it asks for your login if you press a button.

iOS 10 is fading out Game Center. It’s not even its own App anymore. I can personally guarantee that FDS would never move to using this. Besides, Infinite Flight is programmed in some sort of C language (C++ or C#, I don’t remember). I doubt you can integrate Apple’s Game Center into that?


Could you remove the Game Center option please?

You can, they use a special library call Xamirin that ports all the APIs over.

But yes I hate game centre never used it

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Great idea @THE-OP

It would be extremely useful when there’s no wifi and someone else is around. I’ve got Bluetooth light switches so why can’t we get Bluetooth connection?

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