More NKVA flying

Today on the expert server I did my 2nd flight for NKVA (@SpiritVirtualAirline). It was from KATL-KDFW with a flight time of 1:43.

Let’s get started

Doing a perfect pushback

“V1” “Rotate”

Climbing to cruse

Just crusing over Mississippi

The stars at night are big and bright 👏👏👏👏 Deep in the heart of Texas

Finding another NKVA member flying by

On final

Crossing runway 35L

At the gate

It was a petty bumpy flight with a crosswind approach with 14 knots wind. It was a hard landing but on the centerline.

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I love NKVA and highly recommend you joining it. @Eric_Dedicke the CEO is very nice and helpful


I’m glad you’re enjoying NKVA!! Looks like you had a good flight!

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Yup. And thank you

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