More "night time gradient" pictures

Hello IFC,

I’m back with 3 more pictures, the first one was taken at WSSS a week ago, it was on expert server, the darker part was meant to represent bad weather, as opposed to the other ones. The rest were taken in solo while experimenting with angles and aircraft liveries.


Instagram: @thewalkingfruit


Stunning, love the first one!

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The Air France one looks almost realistic!

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These are some quality screenshots right here! Keep up the great work!

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Woww! Stunning! 😍

What type of editor did you use?!

@Butter_Boi thanks! It’s one of my favorites too!

@PlaneGeek right?! I was also very impressed on how it turned out.

@Dylan_M thanks! I’m glad you enjoy them!

@BravoCharlie thank you :) , i use snapseed for these types of edits.


Nice photos / edits mate 👏

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Wow the last one is awesome 😎👍🏽Looks so real nice

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Finally great to see my favourite livery on the 787. Love the shades!

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Thanks guys!

Your opinion means a lot to me :)

I love these. Some of the best I’ve ever seen!

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