More navigation tools

Hi all.
I have recently been on a Boeing 737NG full flight simulator and there are some navigation tools such as flight directors, LNAV, VNAV, approach plates and (not reletated to navigation) a thrust toga button.
I could see these features in IF in a few updates time but in the meantime we can only dream…
The most important navigatiob tool that just HAS to be in IF is the flight director and proper GPS approach plates, these features would make IFR flying so much more real!

Only one suggestion per post -> About the Features category

Duplicate topic, There’s already a [topic][1][1]:[LNAV/VNAV Flight Plan] for LNAV/VNAV. Wait there are 2 topics -> Flight Plan-FMC-LNAV-VNAV

I always find my destinations using my rudimental flight plan; the TO/GA button might be interesting, but the navigation tools aren’t very needed. For now.